Page Jaunes– the best directory for business purposes

Page Jaune refers to a specific type of telephone directory that is used for business purposes. This is organized on the basis of categories instead of alphabetical order. As the name suggest, this is generally printed on yellow pages. Now, one can also come across yellow page directory online. The concept as well as the name page Jaune was introduced during 1883. When a printer used for printing the regular telephone directory went out of while pages, then yellow papers were used instead. And this is how the first yellow pages directory was introduced in the industry. It was first developed by Reuben H.Donnelley in the year 1886.

Online yellow pages are called PJI in short as well as vertical directories on a wider scale. They include business and consumer-oriented varieties. Most of the providers offer yellow pages online advertising. The lists of PJI appear differently as compared to the regular search engines. Generally, search engines display on the basis of the relevance of the term used for searching. On the other hand, PJI display on the basis of geographic area results. Lots of studies have been conducted by various companies which show that PJI represents only a small place of the entire internet searches. Almost around 85% of internet searches occur on popular search engines. They also provide wide lists of yellow pages simply as a part of the search results.

Advertising on PJI is becoming common with the passing time. Lots of advertising packages have come up that prove to be beneficial for business owners. The pages jaunes version is classified as a directory of local search. It provides all the contents with additional capacity in order to narrow the result of searches to come across the required services. The latest search engines also favor the local business organizations in the search results. The services offering the option of paid advertisements typically offer placement on the pages of search results.

Special yellow pages are printed directories that offer the list of companies in alphabetical order of a particular geographic region, which are segregated in various sections by same types of commercial businesses. These directories have been usually published by local telephone companies, but because of the high profitable nature, several independent publishers got involved in it. Some of the PJ publishers focus only on a specific demographic group.

Directories of yellow pages are published on an annual basis and distributed to all businesses and homes at free of cost within a particular coverage area. Most of the advertisements are given in small black texts with simple pictures. Publishers of these PJs usually make high profits by selling space for advertisements under each of the heading. Direct sales force can be used for selling advertisement. Ads can also be sold through approved agencies. The available advertisement spaces vary between names and editors in bold. Up to 4 colors are used in case of a double page advertisement. The rates of ad increase each year irrespective of the level of fluctuations.

Benefits of Using Pages Blanches

The purpose of any business would be to reach their potential customers. Only be achieving it they can earn profit. There are many ways through which business owners can reach their customers, but one trendy technique is using online pages blanches. Both business owners as well as customers are benefited by this way and let see how.

How Web Owners get benefited from Pages Blanches?

You can give advertisement regarding your business in yellow pages. Other ad sites will keep the ad only for specific time period. If you become their premium member, your ad is shown to wide range of people. But this is not the case here. After placing the ad in Page Blanche it remains there forever. You need not spend additional time in renewing the ad periodically. Moreover your ad will also be displayed whenever people search for your products/services in your business locality. Though Page Blanche may contain hundreds of similar search results, all of it is displayed on user’s search. The popularity of this site is growing day by day and hence people rave about it. They turn towards pages blanches for all their search requirements within their living area.

As discussed earlier Blanche increases in popularity and hence top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing displays the Blanche result while customers search in there. As a result businesses get more visibility and brand awareness. Customers will visit the website by looking in display result thus making chance to increase the sales. No business can gain popularity overnight but by giving ad in pages blanches, you can reach the audience instantly. Is it restricted only for local search? Obviously not you can also place your ad which can be viewed globally. Since attractive ads are important to grab the visitors eyeball, blanches helps its users by giving colour adverts option.

How Customers are benefited from This Niche?

You can stay updated in products that you prefer. For instance you may require to buy a mobile from mobile shop within your locality. A new businesses might have started mobile shop recently in same area which you will surely not notice within a day. But via page Blanche ad you will come to know about it. The ad comes along with route map and hence you need not suffer if you don’t know the businesses location. You may sometimes need to download the business details for future use. And so you can utilize vCard download to extract and save details in MS Outlook. Well another big benefit from blanches are its alphabetical arrangements of businesses based on industry and category. Picking up the niche business is not complicated because of this. Seychelles contains information about international brands too and it also contains outbound links for navigation to particular product page that customer wish.

Thus both business owners and potential customers are benefited from pages blanches. Hence if you are the start-up business still didn’t utilize the Blanche to amplify your trade then do it immediately.

Pages Blanche directory services for tracking telephone numbers

Most people are leading a busy life schedule today for achieving their goals in life. It is really a difficult one to get the telephone numbers of important persons, services and business companies during emergency situations. A telephone directory plays a key role in this process by fulfilling the needs of people who want to search them easily. In fact, it is a book that covers the list of persons and address with phone numbers in alphabetical order. Pages Blanches is an online phone directory that comes in various languages including French to know the details within seconds.

Telephone directories will have the information about the subscribers in a city, town and district which help to find addresses along with phone numbers. Some of them include a special section “yellow pages” that provides methods for collecting information about commercial shops and businesses to select services depending on the needs. Online telephone directory is gaining popularity in the recent years due to several benefits. This directory displays the details quickly by saving time. Pages Blanche online phone directory makes feasible ways for searching the numbers under different categories, cities and countries by addressing exact needs.

Online telephone directories are operating in several nations to gather complete information about individual persons, hospitals, business shops, entertainment centers, shopping malls, events, restaurants, hotels and others. Moreover, it is possible to post the reviews and opinions after going through the information. They will also update the phone numbers regularly to access the information without any difficulties. Pages Blanches serves a local telephone directory that helps for knowing the phone numbers in important cities of France. One can be able to search the details by following simple instructions. Business firms can sell their products and services through this directory for increasing sales to wider extent.

Another advantage of an online directory is that it shows ways for identifying potential customers while promoting the brands and services. Pages Blanche provides methods for indexing the details of business companies in major search engines to improve the rankings. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce competition levels in the markets to generate high revenues and profits. Business organizations can save money largely while carrying out advertising process in online directories. Some even offer services for marketing the products with descriptions and contents for ensuring best results.

However, it is essential to create an account before choosing the online classified ad services and this will be helpful for promoting brands depending on the needs. Moreover, business companies can divert more traffic into their websites with Pages Blanche to get high conversion rates and leads. Individuals can also sell products with this directory by meeting essential requirements. In addition, people can locate the numbers that are similar to a phone directory book. Reviews and testimonials about online directories are offered for those who want to use the services in a proper manner. It is also possible to protect the data with them to prevent identify thefts and other problems in an effective manner.

Page Blanche a discovery that helped many people

Phone books are a matter of absolute necessity now. Phones are something one cannot live without in today’s generation. Every second person owns a phone, and most of the times, two phones at the same time. Thus phones are important and keeping track of all the contact details of a person is not a simple or an easy task. Thus the page Blanches have been invented to ease the difficulty. The books have all the contact details of the people well arranged in alphabetical order and all the important details are jotted down in that book too. The book consists of not only the contact number but also the details of the address, the locality where the person belongs to and the town of the person as well.

The page Blanche has made it easier to track down people as and when it is necessary. All the numbers that are being given out to the people need to be kept somewhere and saved so that they can be referred to later. This is the time when these books are helpful. Even though the landline connections are being replaced with mobile phones, still each house generally has one landline connection, so that the residential contact detail is available. The police, the medical centers make use of these books, almost all the time, when they need to track down anyone they need to contact urgently.

There are different kinds of phone books available. One contains the details of the nearest shops, their location, the details of some company, or business, etc. The other kind of page Blanche contains the residential details and the contact details of the residential numbers. They help people to find out what they are looking for without much effort. They have made the lives of people very easy. They had been discovered right after telephone has been discovered and has been in use since. They are called by different names in different places and United States of America was the first one who started the phone book system, though they call it white pages rather than calling it phone book or number directory, unlike Britain.

Internet has brought about evident changes in the world and since then almost each and every thing could be done with the help of the internet. This is why the page Blanches have also been updated in the internet in the form of database searches, where a person and their contact can be found by looking them up over the internet. The database will be scanned and all the similar matches will be made visible to the person searching for someone. Thus this has been a very helpful medium for many people to find the people they had been searching since a long time. The important numbers that must always be with a person is also jotted there, thus it gives feeling of security to the person who has this book lying around in their home.

Locating the phone numbers with page Jaune directory services



A telephone directory book contains the names, address and phone numbers of individual persons which help for tracking them in easy methods. Earlier, people use telephone directories for knowing the important services in a particular city, area or district. As internet technologies are growing rapidly these days, online directories are gaining popularity in different countries due to several features. Page Jaune is one among them which provides phone numbers under different categories for searching the details depending on the needs. It covers all the details in various cities across France to track the information without any difficulties.

The main advantage of an online directory is that it shows ways for gathering information at one place to save time. It also helps for accessing the information about a person, company and public service by addressing exact needs. Pages Jaunes online directory is suitable for those who want to locate the phone numbers in an easy manner. This directory fulfils the needs of users by addressing essential requirements. Moreover, it is possible to promote the brands and services of business companies for reaching customers quickly. In fact, it serves as an online resource for gathering details in faster methods.

Many online directories provide methods for linking the websites in major search engines to ensure progress levels. Pages Jaunes plays a main role in this process which helps in increasing the rankings of websites to a wider extent. Furthermore, it shows ways for targeting a wider audience to gain better prospects. Complete details about emergency services, hospitals, academic institutes, shops, clubs and entertainment centres could be known from this directory in an order. In addition, it enhances to find phone numbers anywhere in the world for achieving goals to a wider extent. People can also make a complete research on them to know a resident or business firm depending on the requirements.

Business companies can post their classified ads in online directories for communicating with customers directly for obtaining optimum results. They also involve different payment options while marketing the products and services in the markets. Pages Jaunes service is ideal for accessing information similar to a phone directory book by meeting exact needs.  A large data base of customers is available from this directory for marketing products at cheaper costs. Also, this will be useful for increasing sales to a wider extent.

Online directories today serve as a platform for both individuals and business organizations to post their details in proper methods. Reviews and testimonials of online directories are available for those who want to search the phone numbers in an order. Page Jaune directory services are really a boon to business companies for targeting consumers to generate high revenues and profits. Furthermore, one could track the phone numbers with it for choosing important services according to needs. Users can post their feedbacks and comments in this directory after utilizing the services. Another advantage is that it also helps to keep the data safely to avoid identity thefts.